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stock market tips FAQ Indian Stock Market

Share market tips Q 1 : What are your services ?

Ans : We provide our subscribers and members the recommendations on the basis of both fundamental and technical analysis of the market. We provide tips to buy or sell securityies in intraday trading.

free stock tips Q 2 : Do you give free demo? If yes then how can we avail that ?

Ans : Yes, we do give free demo. You can sign up for 15 days free trial.

stock market tips Q 3 : What are your paid services?

Ans : We offer different packages to our subscribers which are given under membership subscriptions. Our Maim Services are: • OPENING CALL • MEMBER LOGIN • INTRADAY CALL • INTRADAY FNO CALL • BTST/STBT CALLS • MESSENGER CALLS • DELIVERY CALL

share stock tips Q 4 : How can we subscribe for your paid services/packages?

Ans : You need to send us your subscription request by filling the subscription form.

Indian Stock Market Q 5 : Can we deposit cash?

Ans : Yes, you can deposit cash.

Indian Stock Market Q 6 : How do you provide information to your target audience?

Ans : We provide information through SMS and yahoo messenger.

Indian Stock Market Q 7: What is meant by Short position & Long position ?

Short position means - Short sell i.e. sell first and buy later Long position means - Fresh buying i.e. buy first and sell later

Indian Stock Market Q 8: Do you give tips in Nse & Bse ?

We give tips on securities listed on NSE only.

nse share market tips Q 9: Can we ask for recommendations on Phone?

No we don't give recommendations on phone.

Share market tips Q 10: Do you suggest when to book Profits Or Exit?

The key factor of intradaytips is, we give Exit call for both "book the profit & loss". We give stoploss & target because of in any circumstance ( due to technical problem which are not in human control) we can't contact you, you can follow our stoploss & target.

nse share trading tips Q 11: What is : OPENING CALL ?

In OPENING we give market trend & only one or two scrips for buying or selling .

free stock tips Q 12: What is the meaning of "LOT" & what is FNO CALL?

"LOT" word is predifine word by NSE- "LOT" word is mention qty of share and every scrip has diferent "LOT" Generally if the share price is small - qty of share are big and if the share price is big _ qty of shares are small in "LOT" e.g 1 lot of Reliance =150 share and 1 lot of RNRL =7150 shares. In FNO call you have buy/sell minimum 1 lot

stock market tips Q 13: In FNO call can we trade in cash ?

Yes, you can take delivery in small qty ( not more then 1 lot )

stock market tips Q 14: what is BTST/STBT?

BTST: Buy today & SELL tomorrow /STBT: SELL today & BUY tomorrow

Indian Stock Market Q 15: In BTST/STBT call can we trade in cash ?

Yes, but only in BTST CALL , you can take delivery in small qty ( not more then 1 lot ) In STBT call you have to trade in FNO segment.

Intraday trade tips Q 17: What is the meaning of "MESSENGR CALL" ?

(only for paid members) We also give calls on yahoo messenger some time these calls clicked in 3 to 5 minutes - these calls we are not able to give through SMS.

best intraday share tips Q 18: What is the meaning of "MEMBER LOGIN " ?

(only for paid members) In member login we provide many services as given under membership plans. Market opening trend. Opening Call Intraday calls one HOT scrip for CASH sigment. one HOT scrip for FNO sigment. INDIAN ADRS. FII'S trend. BLOCK deal. Intraday FNO chart.

free intraday share tips Q 19: How many calls you give per day? a)

OPENING call : Before opening bell . b) Intraday calls (with entry & exit ) c) Fno calls (with entry & exit) d) BTST/STBT calls (with entry & exit) e) Messenger calls: Only for paid members f) Delivery calls: one or two calls in month .

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