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Coming budget- expectations 13/06/2009 :

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Dear members, has a very strong research team. With help of this forum I shall like to inform you what my team thinks of the upcoming budget.


The budget will be more inclined to people of nation than corporate world – we do not expect huge benefit from the budget for the market. Stt charge is unlikely to be removed so we do not expect market to touch sky out of the moon. Our markets are strong and are in bull rally now hence only the regular market uptrend will be seen but no out of the trend jumps will be visible.


  1. Fertilizer: - we believe that the GOVT. is keen on going some great reforms in agriculture. Fertilizer industry will make best use of this opportunity. Most of the fertilizer companies are expanding there projects. Buy Nagurana fertilizers on each dip.
  2. Auto :- neutral
  3. Finance: - GOVT. may lower interest rates further and RBI will come out of the ruling soon. In budget though there will not be much as per our expectations however banks and other financial counter will out perform market.
  4. Disinvestment: - the GOVT. is not likely to move ahead of disinvestment on rapid scale. However they will disinvest slowly. GOVT. allies are slowly forming a no disinvestment strategy and will definitely force GOVT. to move slowly on this.
  5. FII- FDI: - the funds remain flowing in India. More will keep coming.
  6. Valuations: - most of the nifty counters are above there valuations. Some profit booking will keep happening however as valuation rise, the investment and stock prices will gain momentum as well.

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