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03/07/2009 :


Indian stocks are falling due to panic selling by investors as negative news is pouring from all corners. With unstabalised Indian market, the time right now is for long term investment. Long term investors should accumulate these stocks so as to get atleast 50 – 90% return on an yearly basis. Those who are high risk traders should go for mid caps and small caps to earn huge returns.

The expected stocks for a long term investment are like Larsen and tourbo(L&T), which seems to be a best stock for long term investors.  L&T surprised analysts with their better than expected results. But stock still underperformed to bad market sentiment. As L&T entered into niche areas, margins will improve in the coming quarters. Upcoming demergers will improve L&T valuations in the coming quarters. Huge order book is another plus point. Announcement of bonus is a near term trigger after current turmoil.

The ideal entry price for L & T is 2350-2400 and the expected price after an year is 3600-3800. It would give higher returns if invested for 3years or so.

The 2nd ideal stock is ICICI bank. Their strength lies in their subsidiaries. The current market price of ICICI lies between 600-700. And the expected price after an year would be somewhere between 1100-1300.

The 3rd ideal stock is State Bank of India .however the returns of SBI has always been good but since it’s a PSU company u never know? The current market price of SBI is 1250 but the entry price ranges between 1050-1100 and the best investment duration would be from 1-2yrs.

The 4th steady stock to pick up will be the reliance communications. Any product of reliance is a must buy since ambanis has always profited in an either way. However reliance is in many sectors but this sector  of reliance would be beneficial for long term investors. The current market price of reliance communication is 491.6. The ideal entry price would be 470-480. And the expected return in an year could be somewhere around 750-850.

The 5th ready pick would be Reliance Industries. This stock holds enormous extrinsic value. Reliance has always given good returns on long investments. The gas may change the fortune so end up with buying reliance shares they would profit you in any way. The current market price of Reliance Industries is 2100 and the ideal entry price would be from 1800-1900. And in an year the prices are expected to grow upto 3000-3200. Invest for 2-3 yrs to get complete benefit.

There are many other stocks which could fetch more profit in future. The companies which are really doing well includes Infosys, Bharti Airtel and Grasim, Tata Steel, Dlf and M&M.These are good stocks and are expected to give higher return in difficulty times.

 Political turmoil coupled with inflation will lead to panic selling among investors. Smart investors should utilize this opportunity to buy fundamentally sound stocks for long term. Many companies are planning for open offers/buy backs. Closely follow them to gain short term opportunities. If you are holding good stocks, don’t resort to panic selling. It is difficult to find bottom, so just accumulate great stocks for 12-15 months investment duration.

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stock market trading
Stock market investing, stock market trading, india stock market, stock market software, stock market today

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