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Indian stock market crash 2011 : What to do now ?


On August 5th 2011, Standard & Poor’s struck off the ‘AAA’ rating of the US for the first time since 1914. An ‘AAA’ rating is considered the Gold standard in the world of finance and this loss of reputation meant the stock market world over was going to scramble. The eurozone crisis is there to add fuel to fire and India’s ongoing battle with inflation and the continuous rate hikes by RBI is not helping either. So here we are !

For investors, does it really need to worry about this Indian stock market crash?

First things first, identify whether you are a trader or an investor. Your financial planning and how you manage your money is dependant on this factor to a great extent.

If you are a trader, God bless you. Correct that. May the United Stated of America bless you.

It is the length of time that you stay invested in the stock market that matters. The longer you are in, the better for you.

Politicians lie. Bankers lie. Yes, they''re liars. But they''re not bad; it''s in their genes, inherited.

In fact, behavioral science tells us that bankers and politicians are lying to us 93% of the time. It''s 13 times more likely that Wall Street is lying to you than telling you the truth. That''s why they win, and why we lose. Our brains are programmed to cooperate in their con game.

Share Market Crash 2011

Label Circumstances are far different as, in 2008, stocks crashed based on a nearly insolvent banking system and a domestic economy in contraction. Today, in 2011, the banking system is liquid, and our economy is growing — albeit, at a moderate pace.

In 1987, similar to now, the machines took over.
 Twenty-four years ago, it was portfolio insurance that delivered the toxic blow. Today, it is high-frequency traders that are motivated not by fundamentals but by price momentum. Add super-reverse ETFs to the mix and a lethal cocktail has been served, rendering our markets temporarily dysfunctional and contributing already to an October 1987-like crash.




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